The Impact of Technology on Politics in Chula Vista, CA

Chula Vista, CA is no stranger to the influence of technology on politics. From the introduction of drones to the appointment of the first female police chief and city manager, technology has been a major factor in the city's political landscape. The debate over the use of technology in politics is ongoing, with privacy and policy issues at the forefront. For instance, Rios of the American Friends Service Committee has raised concerns about sharing information with federal officials, which could be seen as conflicting with Chula Vista's designation as a Welcoming City for immigrants and California's SB 54 law that prohibits local and state resources from aiding federal immigration law enforcement. In response to this debate, Chula Vista police have stated that drones are only used in response to calls and do not conduct any type of surveillance or regular patrolling.

This is just one example of how technology has been used to enhance safety in the city. My opponent does not mention any history of accomplishment or involvement in community matters in Chula Vista. As a city commissioner, Navy veteran, four-time member of the City Council, and four-time vice mayor, I have been a strong advocate for Chula Vista and am proud to work with Chula Vista's leaders. I was part of the master planning and approval of East Chula Vista, and Eastlake was chosen 10 years in a row as the best new housing community. As mayor, I will finalize the selection of the main developer for the university campus and will collaborate with him to implement the infrastructure and housing needed to move forward with the construction of a university in Chula Vista. The brightly lit center is located on the first floor of the agency's headquarters in downtown Chula Vista. Since then, Chula Vista police have said they stopped sharing data with ICE and Border Patrol in April of this year.

And Chief Kennedy has said that the double-digit increase in murders, assaults and robberies in the city this year underscores the need for this technology. I have devoted my life to serving my hometown and improving Chula Vista by realizing its potential. As a member of the Chula Vista City Council, I voted to hire the first female police chief and the first city manager in the history of Chula Vista. Technology has had a significant impact on politics in Chula Vista over time. From drones to data sharing policies, it has been instrumental in shaping how decisions are made and how citizens are protected. As mayor, I will continue to work towards creating a safe and prosperous future for all residents of this great city.

Cathleen Read
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