A Comprehensive Look at the Political Landscape of Chula Vista, CA

The political atmosphere in Chula Vista, California is moderately liberal. In the last presidential elections, 60.2% of the population voted for Democrats, 37.5% for the Republican Party and the remaining 2.3% for the Independents. This is in line with San Diego County, which includes Chula Vista, being moderately liberal as well. Chula Vista has a long and rich history that dates back thousands of years. Around 3000 BC, many of the Native American Indians in San Diego today are descendants of the Kumeyaay tribe, who lived in the area for hundreds of years.

In more recent times, Chula Vista has filled vacant City Council seats through appointments three times. This visualization illustrates the percentage of students who graduate with an associate degree from schools in Chula Vista, California, by specialty. The city has a population of more than 270,000, with 60% being Latinos. In February 1916, the Hercules Powder Company began designing and building a seaweed processing plant that covered a 30-acre piece of land in Chula Vista. The table below shows how the average household income in Chula Vista, California compares with that of neighboring and parent geographies. The brightly lit center is located on the first floor of the agency's headquarters in downtown Chula Vista.

On October 17, 1911, an election was held in Chula Vista to be incorporated and the people voted in favor of it. The most common employment sectors for those living in Chula Vista are social assistance (18,036 people), retail (13,499 people), and public administration (10,821 people). To learn more about the history of Chula Vista, visit the Chula Vista Heritage Museum or visit the Chula Vista Public Library.In 1795, Chula Vista became part of a Spanish land grant known as Rancho del Rey or The King's Ranch. The homeownership rate in Chula Vista is 60.1%, roughly equal to the national average of 64.4%. The chart below shows households in Chula Vista distributed among a number of income groups compared to the national averages for each group. This chart shows the percentage of homeowners in Chula Vista compared to its main and neighboring geographies.

The most popular majors in Chula Vista are Liberal Arts (26%), Science (645% and 14.3%), Medical Assistant (394 and 8.77%), and General Business Administration (26%), Business Administration and General Management (238 and 5.29%).Mayor Salas said she is confident that ultimately, Chula Vista residents will be “satisfied that the city's police technology is a tool for solving crimes, not for policing people for no reason”.

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